Stop Telling Other People To Quit Their Jobs

Sites such as LinkedIn have had a lot of posts telling you,“IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY WITH YOUR JOB, QUIT!" This statement is meant to make you feel empowered and strong. However, I would like to share why this is HORRIBLE advice.

If you read the posts, you will see a similar narrative. The author tells the reader they are in a dead-end job and work for an emotionally abusive boss.  You hear about how one day the employee decided that they have had enough and they quit their job. Common rational is to compare their situation to a toxic relationship. You hear things like, "You wouldn't stay with an abusive partner, right?” You then hear about how they have their dream job now, a much better boss, and WAY more money. This is about the time when I do an epic eye roll and say, "Well goooood foooor youuuu."

There are a few reasons why rushing to quit a bad job is a flawed idea, but let me narrow it down to just one.

The "quit today" argument is an example of bias. I have yet to see a LinkedIn post about how someone quit their job because it didn't meet their emotional needs and REGRET IT EVERYDAY.  Just because you don't hear about the people who had to move in with mom and dad or went to work at the same job they had in high school, it doesn't mean it is it not a reality.

I have work in radio on a morning show in the 5th largest market in the country. I have been so blessed to be able to work where I do and for the people I work with, but there are days when I still want to slam doors and scream, "The hell with you all. I will not be disrespected again; I quit!" However, I would actually never do that.

Why? Because none of this matters. Somewhere along the way, I decided to always look at the bigger picture. I have seen people far more talented than me in this field come and go because of the emotions. You will always have jerks in the office. The larger the office, the more likely you have jerks. I don't believe that the best way to remove yourself from jerk bosses or fellow staff members is to leave. Quitting exclusively hurts YOU. You are the one who is out of a job and now you have to go through another rigorous process of finding a new job. You are the one who is stressed out because you are bleeding through your savings.

To be clear, I am not telling you to not look for a better job if you are being bullied and mistreated. Feel free to spend your nights looking for a better job. Do take all your half days interviewing for companies that might fit your style.  

What I am saying is that there is no job that exists that is bad day-less. I have my dream job, I am getting treated well, I have fantastic work perks, and I still have b.s. to deal with on a daily basis because everyone at any job does.

Keep working and make your money. The best way to stick it to a bad boss is to be your best, despite of him or her. Always protect yourself with CYA (cover your a**) tactics and be positive.  If your boss truly dislikes you, think about how he or she must feel having to sign your check twice a month and relish in that thought.

Happy Working!