Job Titles Don't Matter Anymore

As millennials, our career paths may be all over the place, but it’s not the crisis that some make it out to be. We’re finding unconventional jobs, founding apps, and being our own business leaders. There are all kinds of things happening in the career world of millennials. And that’s cool – so much that we’re searching for an experience and not so much of a title. That’s a good thing – because people really are less and less impressed with your title.

Why is this? Because in the black and white world of a lot of our parents’ careers, our titles aren’t carrying much weight. Saying you’re the founder of an app doesn’t really clear up what you do to any of your curious relatives. Also, millennials aren’t motivated by the title anymore. 20 Somethings would much rather have a pleasant work environment than a fancy title.

More than that? Millennials believe that job titles add constraints to what your job actually is. So basically, we’re dropping the titles and doing what WE want to do!