Facebook Building New Campus With Housing

There is no doubt Facebook is a cool place to work. However, this new planned edition to their building is weirding me out.  The company just announced plans to open a new campus that will make it, so employees will never want to leave, and many of them won’t even have to.

The new facility, called the “Willow Campus,” is a new 59-acre campus across the street from its current Menlo Park, California headquarters. It will feature 1,500 on-campus apartments, 225 at below market rates, as well as parks, local transportation, retail space, a grocery store and a pharmacy.

I know that most of my uneasiness comes from me just having read The Circle, but this is a little much. I get it; this helps the community, this helps people you work there. I would just worry about the "bubble" that the company may be creating with their employees. The possibility for an internal feedback loop this lacks the "real world" perspective is high. 

Phase one of the project is expected to be completed in 2021, and that will include retail, housing, and office space. Check out a video introducing the new property to the right. I look forward to watching the effect on the culture