The Worst, And Bizarre, Mistakes People Have Made In Job Interviews

There’s no doubt that job interviews can be nerve-wracking, and no matter how well you’re prepared they may go terribly wrong. But answering a question badly is one thing, for some people the mistakes they make are absolutely mind-blowing.

Well, now folks who do the hiring are revealing some of the biggest bonehead moves they’ve ever witnessed in interviews. It all started when someone posted the question on Reddit, “Employers of Reddit, what was the worst way a candidate messed up a job interview with your company?”

Among the answers:

  • “Had an interviewee show up 10 minutes late to an interview, tell us our clock was wrong and proceed to take it off the wall and adjust it. After he left, of course, we adjusted it back to the actual time.”
  • “Twenty something chick with an impressive looking resume...but then she showed up with her mom in tow, and actually expected mom to come into the interview.”
  • “Resume included a startup he founded. I asked about it: ‘Tell me about your startup, sorry, what was it called again?' He forgot. He forgot the f**king name of the startup he founded a year prior. It went downhill from there.”
  • “Guy dropped a bag of methamphetamine while taking something else out of his pocket in an interview. He actually could have gotten away with this, as the interviewer is something like 80% blind. However, he said, ‘Oh, sorry' to which the interviewer replied ‘for what?’ His answer? ‘I dropped my meth.’" (SMH)
  • The candidate listed likes and dislikes on his resume. Under dislikes? My company.”
  • “When I was a teenager I worked at a chain pizza restaurant. A guy came in for an interview and seemed like a nice guy. He turned around to leave and he had a tattoo of a pot leaf with the word ‘canabus’ on his head. That's right. Not cannabis. Canabus.”
  • "’You guys would be lucky to have me, Google is trying to recruit me too.’ I wished him the best of luck at his job with Google.”
  • "She picked up a call in the middle of the interview. I thought she was just stepping out to take the call. She never came back in. The front desk said she left to hang out with her friends.”

Source: Reddit