Women More Likely To Have Problems With Other Women In The Office

Study finds women are more likely to say they have a “complicated” relationship with a fellow female colleague. Do you find that to be true?

Anyone with a job knows that sometimes you just don’t get along with the people at work. Moreover, while you would think women would stick together on the job, a new report reveals that is not the case at all.

A study published in the "Organizational Science" journal finds that while an equal number of men and women say they have a “difficult” relationship with a colleague, women are more likely to say their problem is with a fellow female co-worker. Women are also more liable to judge a female colleague as “difficult” than they are to cite a man, or not cite anyone at all.

There is one exception though. The study out of George Washington University in Washington DC finds that if women have other female friends in the office, the chances are less likely they will cite having an issue with other female colleagues.

Comment below and tell me if you see this in your office and if so, why?