Texting Habits That Can Lead To More Fights

It’s 2017, people. We have a TON of conversations over text message now (even some of the more important ones). While we should probably try to talk in person as much as we can, there’s no avoiding the whole texting thing. Texts can be misread SO easily. Just one misplaced period and your best friend or significant other think you’re furious. It’s tricky! Here are some texting habits that could be getting you in trouble:

  • One word replies - We all hate one-word replies, but we all send them anyway. We’re busy!! Make sure you’re using your words where it’s necessary.
  • Ignoring your texts - One or two texts unanswered is fine. But when it gets to the point of not responding to ANYTHING people send you, your pals could get the wrong idea.
  • Forgetting to proofread. - We all send mistakes sometimes, but a once over of your texts before you send them could make a huge difference.
  • Using too much sarcasm. - It’s hard to read (literally). Try to keep the sarcastic remarks for in-person when you can easier tell that you’re joking.
  • Texting when you’re mad. - Put the phone down, and step away from the keyboard! Cool off before you text.
  • Checking in too often. - Just because you CAN keep constant contact doesn’t mean you SHOULD.
  • Not paying attention to punctuation. - If you throw periods around like it’s your job, your pals could be getting the wrong message.
  • Texting while you’re together. - If you’re hanging out with someone one-on-one, it might be best to put the phone away for a little while.
  • Having important convos via text. - Try to talk in person as much as you can. Especially when it comes to the deep stuff.

Moral of the story? If your friends are getting upset because of your texting, maybe it’s time to call them up or hang out in person. You don’t want someone getting the wrong idea from a few too many periods and one-word answers.