Do you think it’s okay to cry at the office? Why or why not?

There’s no doubt that emotions can get the better of us on the job, but is it ever okay to show those emotions in the workplace? Well, a new survey sought to find the answer to that very question.

A new poll by Accountemps finds that 45% of people say they’ve cried at work, and it seems most bosses are okay with it, on occasion.  When asked 44% of CFOs say crying in the office is acceptable as long as it isn’t something that happens every day. However,  26% say it’s never okay because people will perceive an employee who cries as weak or immature.

If an employee is crying an abnormal amount, it may seem uncomfortable to approach them. The easy thing to do would be to assume a back story for that individual that lets you off the hook from having to talk with him or her. However, if at all possible, approach that employee and talk with them about the situation through the lense of compassion. You could be missing out are an easy opportunity to really connect and build trust  with your employee. 

Obviously, if at all possible, it is always better to control your emotions. However, tears aren’t the only emotion folks can express on the job. This same survey found that 52% of workers have lost their temper at the office.  There is not a good black and white answer to the "crying" questions. I think in this day in age; it is essential for managers to lead by example and, give people grace when needed.