Conflict Is Not A Dirty Word

Conflict is a word that people want to avoid. Most managers and CEO ask me not to use the term conflict when talking with their team, instead opting for "issues", "miscommunications", and my favorite "areas of improvement". This course  of action does a disservice to your staff's intelligence. In this day in age, it is more important than ever to be open genuine and open about what is happening in the office.  Managers who cannot deal with terms such as conflict are likened to parents who awkwardly stumble through "The Talk" to their kids. 

Conflict is not a dirty word; it is, however, a vital part of communication. I often tell people, if you're one of those couples who say, "Oh we never fight", that means someone has given up in the relationship. The art of a healthy relationship or organization isn't peace, but using conflict and constructive disagreement to form better decisions and opinions.  Fear of conflict shows signs of mistrust, and a poor company culture. 

I would recommend that managers, get past the fear conflict and embrace the productive and financial benefits of a constructive feedback loop inside your company.  If you're having issues with conflict inside your office setting, feel free to reach out. I would enjoy the opportunity to help you have better a communication system.